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seo case study of heena- postcard calendar

How Heena used our SEO services to rank on first position of Google Search

Heena is an upcoming blogger who is into travel, yoga, writing and selling postcards and a lot more. Being in the industry for about 8 years now she realized, apart from the content being excellent an additional support is needed to reach a larger number of audience. She approached KPAC marketing services as she wanted to rank her postcard calendar page and bookmark calendar to create awareness about it and also to boost sales.

After carefully analysing her page and looking for the market competition that is prevailing we decided to rank her page for an educational search query like “ What is a Bookmark calendar?” We came up with the solution realising the potential in the market for educational queries and then once the audience is there on the page we can then sell them the products. We ranked her pages for featured snippets and also managed to rank her page for a broad query like “postcard calendar” on the first page of Google.

How Dr. Seema Shah used our Web Dev services to create a simple and elegant website

Dr Seema Shah who believes in building the future leaders of tomorrow started her blogging journey by herself to educate the youths and leaders of tomorrow by the valuable education she provides on her website after years of experience in her industry, she wanted to create a website that is fast and suited to the search engine and also easily accessible to the masses. She then approached KPAC marketing services to put her vision to reality and our journey began with careful analysis and multiple discussions to understand the vision she is looking for.

We had a look at the website and gave it a complete makeover to suit the goal we were aiming at, we made the website fast and user friendly to easily navigate and look attractive at the same time. A simple and robust look is what we opted for. We then went ahead with the next objective to rank it and make it be seen by the masses. After extensive research we found a way to rank her educational blogs, it was done by ranking the pages for an educational search query. We successfully managed and acquired a featured snippet for “How AI is reshaping the world” and  “Can a graduate do cloud computing?”. It was ranked on the first page of Google’s search engine and not just this but other blogs were also ranked by extensive research.


How an FMCG company ARASI used our Social Media Marketing services to create brand awareness

ARASI is into the manufacturing of cold pressed oil and was into a traditional setup of manufacturing and selling its goods, it realised the potential that social media has and approached KPAC marketing services with the aim to create awareness about its products. We began the journey with ARASI by first creating pages on Facebook and Instagram, we then understood the products it offered and gained knowledge about it. Our next step included the careful crafting of the content that we wanted to deliver. We aimed not just at selling products but to educate about the products as well in order to attract an audience. To further get the traction we collaborated with an influencer who was able to get the eyes of the audience we were looking at.

How A.P. Mani & Sons used Paid Media services to promote their New Year Offer

A.P. Mani and Sons is a supermarket located in chembur. They had a new year offer in their store and wanted to create brand awareness in the local market in and around chembur, they approached KPAC marketing services with this very specific goal. Our aim was to get results fast as the offer was very limited to the new year. We immediately opted to make a Facebook page and posted information, we then went ahead and did very specific local targeting using Facebook Ads. We successfully managed to reach 110,944 people and got 397 messages for the ad campaign and it was a complete hit.

How Rang De Events outranked their competitors and rank for local searches

Chaitali Pancharia owner of Rang De Events wanted to show her business to people who were searching for party organisers in pune, best party organisers in pune, party planner in pune, best party planner in pune. In short she wanted to rank for local searches based in Pune so that she can create brand awareness and generate leads for her business through local searches.

How our Non-profit project achieved millions of views through image search

The Dark Secrets was a non-profit project undertaken by Karan to help people fight against depression. After getting a good response from instagram, a website was created to publish motivational content. As most of the people aim to search for motivational images, therefore it was decided to optimise images for image search rankings. Hence there was no looking back, by now The Dark Secrets has generated 6.9k clicks and around 8million impressions just through image search

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